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Hosting a dialogue is not difficult or time consuming. A "host organization" provides a site for the dialogue, and invites and motivates the organization's members, local community residents, and/or constituents to attend. Days of Dialogue staff assist in this process and provide written discussion materials and facilitators to lead the dialogue.

In short, a dialogue is an organized but informal gathering in which community members discuss issues of interest or community concerns. Anyone who has an opinion and cares enough to voice it can participate, regardless of age, ethnicity, education level, religion, etc.

A dialogue session can accommodate as many participants as the site will hold, since dialogue participants are divided into small groups. Members engage each other in discussions about important and sensitive issues in a confidential, unbiased environment under the supervision of a trained facilitator.

Facilitators are trained by Days of Dialogue and/or the Dispute Resolution Program of Los Angeles City Attorney's Office. Over 150 trained facilitators volunteer with Days of Dialogue year-round.

Participant evaluations have indicated that dialogue has a powerfully positive effect on the community. When we surveyed dialogue participants, 97% indicated that they felt free to express their views on all issues and that their views were heard. Over 90% felt that dialogue would improve inter-group relations and/or result in a positive impact on their community.
Need Dialogue? Not Sure?
Are there inter-group tensions and/or problem issues in your neighborhood, within your organization, or otherwise present in your community? Issues that you're not sure how to address? Are you concerned that these issues, if not addressed, could be exacerbated to the point of tragedy - even violence? Days of Dialogue can help. Our staff of Lead Facilitators can consult with individuals, groups, organizations, and/or government entities to help craft and implement a strategy for deliberative (dialogue) processes that could be a powerful first step toward a collaborative, consensual plan of action. Our consulting fees are extremely reasonable, with financial assistance available for groups with special financial needs. It's empowering. It's inclusive. It's "The First Step" in "Connecting Communities through Conversation." To arrange for a FREE initial consultation, contact us at (213) 444-6038.