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How Can I Be A Host?

Thank you so much for considering hosting a Day of Dialogue on Economic Crisis and Community Health! You may be asking “what do I need to do to be a host?” It’s easy, and we’re here to support you with materials and staff. As a host, all we ask is that you provide space, and bring people into it. It’s that simple. But we know there are always more questions, so below are some basic answers outlining the responsibilities you will have if you decide to host a Dialogue.

Do I have to guarantee a certain number of people?

No! A dialogue happens when two people come together to talk. But we do try to ensure that there are enough people at the table to ensure multiple points of view, so we encourage ten as a good minimum number. Day of Dialogue events can be as small as five and as large as 150 people. Larger events will require more space, and more facilitators, so think about what is the right size for you, and let us know so we can provide the right number of facilitators.

Do I just call my friends, or will strangers come to my building?

That’s entirely up to you!  Some organizations will keep it to their own members, staff, constituents, and/or clients.  Others will simply open their doors to the general public.  If you decide to make your event public, let us know and we will direct people to you.  If you choose to reach out to your own people, we can provide you with materials to do the outreach and promotion yourself.  We do ask that you use our materials to ensure consistency of messaging, as the events will be happening all over Los Angeles.  This is about bringing people together, and we want everyone to feel part of the movement!

What if I want my friends, and want to meet some new people?

You can host a semi-public event.  Let us know the capacity for public attendance (in other words, how many “outsiders” do you want to add to the mix) and we’ll list you as a public event site with a limit to how many people can register to attend at your site.

How do I actually conduct a dialogue?

We have three basic models for a Day of Dialogue event.  Click here for details on those three models.  Some are more appropriate for different size groups, and you may want to adapt the model for your group.  Feel free to call or email us to talk through the options, or just let us know which one you want, and we will provide the materials and facilitators accordingly.

How do I handle registration?

We will have online registration for the public events.  If you just want to provide the space, we will manage the registration for you.  If you are handling the outreach, we ask you to manage your own registration. A few days before the event, we will ask you to tell us how many people you are expecting, so we can make sure you have the right number of facilitators.

How much will it cost me?

Your time and energy - other than that, everything else is on us!  If you schedule it over a normal mealtime, you should probably provide your group with food – people tend to be more receptive to dialogue when they are not hungry!  We do ask you to cover any refreshments or meals yourself, but we will provide the promotional materials (electronically), as well as the facilitators for the event.  If you have a large event, we’ll even provide an Event Coordinator to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

This sounds too easy. Is there a catch?

Thanks!  It’s not easy to have difficult conversations, but we hope to make the experience of hosting those conversations as easy and supported as possible. And, no, there is no gotchas, catches, or other stealth marketing and sales from our program.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us if you have any additional questions. or call at 213.444.6038